How to Fix Ping issues in Online Games?

Online Multiplayer games have a large fan base from all over the world. Whether it is a simple FPS game or a high-end game like PUBG, it all comes with lag and ping issues. Many of us already have faced the game lags and ping issues in such games. So, how do we solve lags in PUBG Mobile or any other online games?

What are online games?

Games that can be played by connecting to the internet is more likely called online games. But as for online games, these days people are really into (battle royale games: 1st Link).

Battle royale games need many things to give you the best and lag-free gameplay and today we are going to achieve it.

What is Ping in Online Games?

Well, ping is something that is also called network latency. In simple words, the ping value indicates the response time between servers to servers. If your ping is high then your in-game action will be a bit slower than your opponent, which is enough to get killed by the player who has a lower ping. Yes, the lower ping you have the better chances to get some easy kill.

So, How do we solve the Ping Problem in Online Games?

How to Fix Ping issues in Online Games?

6 Ways to Sole Ping Problem in any Online Games

  • Make Sure your Phone has high internet speed.
  • Change to broadband or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use Aeroplane Mode
  • Clear Cache and Cookies.
  • Close all background apps before starting the game.
  • Restrict background data.

Make Sure your phone has high internet speed

Many times, mobile games play their online game with mobile internet which is not so good for high-end FPS games. In order to match your opponent’s skill, one must have a good internet speed.

With the better Internet speed, game data will transfer easily and you will be able to see very low ping in your game. In this way, you can solve ping issues in online games.

Change to a Broadband connection

Mobile internet is always divided for many people use. In that case, it is hard to find such speed as other people are using the same internet at the same time. In that case, we can always depend on a good broadband network.

Connecting to Wi-Fi can really save you from many lag and ping issues in PUBG Mobile. In case you don’t know, most of the famous pro players play their game with high-speed broadband internet.

Use Aeroplane Mode

So, if you are changing to a good broadband connection then I must suggest you use the Aeroplane mode while you are gaming. Maybe some phone has features to skip calls for gaming but still, your sim network stays active to receive calls which can be the cause of some game lags and ping drops.

So, using Aeroplane mode is a good way to use for a better game performance in all the online games whether it Battle Royale or MOBA games.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Well, this is not highly effective, it still works for low-end phones. So, if you also have a cheap phone with 2-3-4 GB ram then you can always give it a try. Clearing cookies and cache might help you to release some extra space where your game can operate, send, and receive game data properly.

With this, you will see reduce in-game lags and ping.

Close all background Apps

Clearing cache is not enough? Well, you can also close all background apps and games before you start the online game. It can save a lot of your RAM to operate data properly.

Closing apps doesn’t need any extra app. So you can always do this from the phone itself.

Restrict Background Data

Some apps are really annoying that keeps connecting to the internet and start automatically. These apps can not be stopped permanently but what you can do is, turn of the background data for the apps you don’t want. This way, your apps won’t be able to restart themselves and consume data.

Because the other apps can consume data, it is likely to because of network ping issues occur in your game. So, give this tip a try to see some good results in your game.

Conclusion: All these tips are really great for fixing ping issues in online games. Give each one a try. If it still doesn’t get fixed then we welcome you to try my friend’s blog post on (Fix PUBG Lag problems: second link) in minutes.

I hope you all like these tips for fixing ping issues.

How to Fix Ping issues in Online Games?

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