Best 5 Esports Streaming Platforms in 2023

The last decade has ushered in astronomic growth in the esports industry. From a relatively unknown genre, esports have become favorites of Indians and gaming enthusiasts globally.

It is interesting to watch business giants invest massively in esports, with top bookmakers like Bet365 offering amazing odds on esports fixtures to encourage a bet365 app download.

Undeniably, the massive adoption of esports can be traced to the ease with which esports can be streamed. But you may have wondered: which platforms promise you the best esports streaming experience?

Best 5 Esports Streaming Platforms

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YouTube is known to be the biggest video-viewing platform on the planet right now, with over 2 billion active users monthly. The 2005-launched platform started as a video-posting platform but introduced its live feature in 2010. Ever since then, YouTube has grown to be one of the best esports streaming platforms.

Just like other content creators and media houses on YouTube, Google has also allowed esports to be aired live on YouTube. Some popular live esports on YouTube include Minecraft and Roblox, but Fortnite now has the highest number of views, with over 65 billion views in total. 

On the downside, some of the esports leagues have yet to make it to YouTube, as agreement management has been an issue. But you can always find some popular esports leagues like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the League of Legends.


By far, the biggest and best esports streaming platform, Twitch, stands as the most visited platform for gamers. This 2011-launched esports streaming platform boasts over 30 million users per day. 

Twitch started airing some of the first tournaments in 2009 and is widely known as the oldest broadcaster for the Evolution Championship Series. In 2012 it started its broadcast of the League of Legends World Championship alongside other popular esports tournaments hosted by Riot Games.

Today, Twitch is where you will find the biggest esports streamers and stream the most esports tournaments. One thing Twitch stands out for is a massive warehouse for almost all the games you would be looking for. You will definitely find important and most-played games like the League of Legends, Counter strike global offensive, Fortnite, Dota 2, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and World of Warcraft.


Of course, you would argue that Facebook is one of the best places to stream esports leagues; we too. Facebook was launched in 2004. 

Facebook has grown into one of the most-used platforms, with over 2 billion users per month. FaceBokok offers multiple forms of content, including text, images, and videos, and the platform seems to be great at it. 

With the introduction of Facebook Watch, which brought in a dedicated video aspect of Facebook, the platform sneaked in a video-streaming feature. So far, streaming esports on Facebook has no problem issues unless you are talking about the absence of some popular game titles.

But we appreciate that Facebook made some efforts to get exclusive rights to popular ESL tournament games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Afreeca TV

Launched in 2005, Afreeca TV is a popular esports streaming platform with over 25 million monthly users. Afreeca TV is basically a streaming platform with various categories ranging from entertainment, science, and lifestyle to video games. 

Afreeca TV is known to have meddled with the esports tournament streaming and sponsorships. Speaking of sponsorships, the South Korean-based streaming platform Afreeca TV is known to have sponsored the SBENU StarCraft II team and participated in the StarCraft Proleague on 23 January 2016. They sponsored two seasons of Brood War tournaments in 2016. 

Some of the esports tournaments you will find on Afreeca TV include AfreecaTV StarCraft League (ASL), Global StarCraft II League (GSL), Afreeca TV Battle Ground League (APL), and LoL ladies Battle, among others.

GoodGame offers a dedicated streaming service just for esports. You can log on to the website, create an account and browse through the category of video games that individuals are streaming. The platform also covers major esports events like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and many other games. is a simple website, but the downside is that you must have a translator to translate the default German language to English. Apart from that, stands as an alternative to some of the big platforms on the list.


Esports has taken the world by storm, and video games are now not just some form of entertainment but money well. If you are dying to stream your favorite esports tournaments, the listed platforms will help you.