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Meta Tag Generator For Blogger

Hello Friends!  How are you all, hope you are all well. So in today’s post, we will talk about Meta Tag Generator For Blogger. What is this Meta Tag and what does it mean in our blog or website.

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So stay in this article. Also in this post, Man has also provided a tool with the help of which you can easily create Meta Tag Description Using the Blog description generator for your blog or website.

What is Meta Tag & Meta Tag Generator

If you have a blog, then this article is going to be very useful for you. So, first of all, let me tell you what is Meta Tag? So let me tell you that this is an SEO process for your blog.

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Through this Meta Tag, Google or any search engine knows which topic your website is based on. We also call this Meta Tag as Meta Tags Description. Perhaps you have heard its name before.

Embed This Tool in Your Post

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What happens inside Meta Tag Description

As you just read above what is Meta Tag. So now I am going to tell you what information is available in this blog description generator. So I have explained in detail below.

  • Blog Name
  • Blog Description
  • Blog Targeted Keywords
  • Blog Author
  • Blog Robots.txt

Add Meta Tag Description Step By Step

Right now we are going to know how we will create Meta Tags Description and how we will help in our blog or website. I have explained this process in detail below.

Step 1 – First of all you have to log in to Blogger’s Dashboard.

Step 2 – Now write the name of your blog in the title box in the tool above.

Step 3 – Now in the author box you have to write the name of the author of the blog.

Step 4 – Now write a description of your blog in the description box.

Step 5 – Now write keywords related to your blog in the keywords box.

Step 6 – Now select Robots to All except Distribution.

Step 7 – Now click on Create Meta Tag. Now you will be asked for permission. You have to click on the option with Ok.

Step 8 – Now you will get a code in the box below. Copy this code.

Step 9 – Now you go to Blogger’s Theme and click on Edit HTML. Now the code you copied.  Paste that code under the <head> Tag.

Step 10 – Now click on the Save button. Now your blog has been successfully linked to Meta Tag Description.

Meta Tag Generator For Blogger

If you are a blogger. And your blog is on Blogger. So you must have searched the Meta Tag Generator For Blogger on the Internet. Because the blogger is a very important medium for SEO. Above I have told you how to generate Meta Tag and how to add it to your blog.

Add Responsive Table in Blogger post

Every new blogger wants his blog and article to rank. Because to rank articles, many things have to be followed.

For example, you need to customize your blog well, write SEO Friendly article in the blog, article should not be a copy of any unique article, On-Page SEO of the article, SEO Friendly URL in the article, making backlink of blog etc. If you follow all these things, then your article will definitely rank.

Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Now comes the Advance Meta Tag Generator. As you know, everything is labeled. Similarly, Meta Tag Generator also has a label.

So in the same way you get Advance Meta Tag Generator Tool. With the help of this, you can do high-level SEO in your blog.

Meta Tag Generator My Blogger Tricks

Now we are going to talk about such a site. Which is the first to search Blogger Meta Tag Generator on the Internet? This website has an article called Meta Tag Generator. This article was posted around 2010. Also, this article is installed on the Blogger platform. So you will get a lot of information from that site too.

Conclusion – So you just know about Meta Tag Generator | Meta Tag Generator For BloggerMeta Tag Generator For Blogger 2020Meta Tags Generator Tool So how do you like this app? Surely tell by commenting below.

Meta Tag Generator For Blogger | Meta Tags Generator tool

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