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Best Illegal Android Apps – Hello Friends! Welcome to the Techly360 blog. So in this article today we are going to talk about banned android apps and what is Full Details of the Illegal android market? and we will know all these things in this article. So stay in this article and know more in full details.


What is Android Apps?

So friends, if in today’s time no one knows about this Android and Android App, then let me tell you that Android is an Operating System (OS). Android OS works only on Android devices.

By the way, let me tell you that nowadays almost everyone has a Smartphone. And we know the same Smartphone by the name of Android phone. And the prevalence of such phones has been very much in the whole world.

So whatever applications run in these Smartphones or people install. So we know this as Android apps. Nowadays there is a Legal Platform Playstore for Android apps.

And with the help of this play store, people can easily download free and paid apps and games easily. Apart from this, there are many such websites and other platforms that provide Android applications.


If we talk about Android apps in recent times, then there are countless applications available on the Playstore. So many of these are such apps which are also Fake apps.

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What is Illegal android market kya hai?

Now, what is this Illegal android market? So let me tell you that there are two types of apps on the Internet. The first is Legal apps and the second is Illegal Apps. You will know that illegal apps are illegal.

Any apps are illegal only if the app violates any policies. Because if we talk about Google Playstore or Google Android there are many policies.

So if any app violates Google policy then that app is added to the Illegal android app list. And that app is immediately removed from the Playstore.

So the owner of such apps can later upload his own Illegal android apps by creating his own website or any other platform which does not have any kind of policy.

We know similar websites or platforms by the name of the Illegal android market or platforms. They are completely illegal. And governments often ban them as well.


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Top 10 Best Illegal Android Apps List

And now we will know about the Top 10 Best Illegal Android Apps. Which was removed from Playstore due to violation of Google Policy. And these have been added to the Top Illegal Android Apps List.

And also you should not use such android apps. But sometimes some of these apps are also such which are also very helpful. But in the case of Policy violation, it has been blacklisted.

So below I have explained in detail about 10 such apps. Which comes in the list of Illegal Apps. But still, people use these apps in large quantities.

#1 TubeMate YouTube Downloader

So the first app is Tubemate which is a Youtube Video Downloader App. According to Google’s policy, it is illegal to download any YouTube video through a third-party app or website.

So this Tubemate application has violated this rule. That is, this app helps people to download videos of Youtube in Direct File Manager.

And this process directly violates the policy. Because of which this app has been removed from the Playstore. But this app is available on the official website of Tubemate.

And people download and use this application in large quantities. Because people find this app very helpful. So that’s why people use it even after being banned.

And Nowadays people like such apps very much. Because by downloading youtube videos, they are fond of watching offline later. And when people have time, see.

#2 Vidmate – Video Downloader [Live TV]

So, friends, this Vidmate is also a Video Downloader App. This app works just like the Tubemate application. But this app is somewhat different from Tubemate.

Because this app helps you to download videos of different types of social media platforms like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Tiktok directly in your file manager.

Also, the latest version of this Vidmate has just been released. In this version, Online Live TV Feature has been added to Vidmate. Due to which people are getting more attracted now.

This Vidmate application has also been removed from Playstore. Because this app also violated some policies. Like downloading youtube’s video.

In today’s time, people want everything for free service. And this Vidmate is also absolutely free. And remember that if this app has been blacklisted, there must have been some reason.


#3 Popcorn Time – Watch free movies and TV shows

So now let’s talk about this Popcorn Time App. This popcorn app is a piracy app. Before that, you know that Popcorn App is a website.

Where these people Leak Free movies and online TV Shows. So this website has been converted into an application. So obviously piracy is illegal.

And such an Android app or website should be banned as soon as possible. And this work has already been done long ago. That this popcorn app has been banned.

So still people keep searching this app on Playstore. And many other search engines like Google also search popcorn related keywords.

I would like to tell you that not only popcorn but many other websites and apps related to popcorn have been banned and added to the blacklist.

#4 APK Mirror (Unofficial)

Who does not know about this APK Mirror? If you are fond of using Android applications, then you must have seen this APKMirror website on the Internet at some time.

So, on this APK Mirror almost all those apps are available, which are available on the play store. But on this website, you also get to see illegal apps.

So now we know about this APK Mirror App. So this APK Mirror has never launched its own app. But someone created this APK Mirror (Unofficial) app and uploaded it to the play store once.

And when Google felt that this app was violating the policy. So this app was immediately removed from the Playstore. But this APKMirror app is still available on many websites.

By the way, people use this APKMirror in large quantities. Here almost all Android applications and games are available for download.

#5 Lucky Patcher

If you are an Advance Smartphone user and you are very fond of using the application. Then this Lucky Patcher apk is for you.

Because this Lucky Patcher APP is a type of Application Modify Tool. Because with the help of this app you can edit any Android app and bypass its app permissions.

Meaning it is an online app editing tool. People who modify applications more than Those people use this Lucky Patcher APK.

Anyway, nowadays MOD APK has become more popular. Wherever you look on the Internet, there is talk of Mod app. And Mod apk is also illegal.

So due to it being illegal, this Lucky Patcher apk has been removed from the play store. But this app is still present in many Illegal android markets.

#6 Amazon App Store for Android

As you know, nowadays almost all websites have started downloading Android apps. And additionally, Illegal apps are also added. Which they should not do.

So you must know about Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online eCommerce Store. And now these Amazon users have also started the Amazon App Store.

Here you get to see and download almost all types of Android apps. I would like to tell you that both free and paid apps are available on this Amazon App Store.

This was created on the play store by creating an app of the Amazon App Store. So due to some policy violations, this app has been removed. But its website is available on Google.

#7 GB Whatsapp [Mod Whatsapp]

So now let’s talk about that thing. Which almost all people have started using these days. So that thing is GB Whatsapp and it is not available on WhatsApp play store.

This GB Whatsapp is a Mod APK of official WhatsApp. As you know, you do not get many features in official Whatsapp.

But in the same Mod APK, they get some more advanced features to use for free. And this GB Whatsapp is completely illegal.

Because of which this app has been removed from the play store. I will recommend to you that if you use it too, please remove it from your phone.

#8 DroidSheep APK

So now we talk about this DroidSheep. But before that, let me tell you that this DroidSheep is a completely illegal Android application.

And the main job of this DroidSheep app is to get information about any wireless device. Hackers are used more by this app.

Or people who are learning Hacking. Those people also use many types of apps like these. But nowadays hacking has also been added to the illegal list.

and the same part of hacking is ethical hacking which is within the scope of the law. But this DroidSheep app is completely illegal because it has been removed from the Playstore.


Note – All types of hacking are illegal except ethical hacking. And you should stay away from such things. If caught, you may have to be tightened.

#9 WhatsApp Sniffer [Illegal android app]

As it is from hearing the name WhatsApp Sniffer, it is an app that is a WhatsApp related tool. So you should get a little information about it.

So this WhatsApp Sniffer is one such application. With the help of which you can easily listen and see the chat, photo, and call of your friends.

So when all this feature is available. So obviously it is an illegal Android app. Because all the features of this app violate the privacy policy.

For this reason, this WhatsApp Sniffer APK has been removed from the play store. So that no one can download this WhatsApp Sniffer.

#10 FaceNiff – Hijack Passwords and Credentials

After Faceniff, we are aware only after reading Hijack Passwords and Credentials. That it is a hacking-related Android application.

So let me tell you that with the help of this Faceniff app, the passwords and credentials of anyone’s Facebook or any login access can be easily stolen.

And this process violates privacy. And for this reason, such apps have been removed from the play store as soon as possible. So that the privacy of the people is protected.

Illegal Android Apps FAQs

Should we download illegal android apps?

As you are told that we should not download any illegal app. Because it is against the rules of the constitution. So that’s why we should stay away from such illegal apps.

Why are apps banned in India?

First of all, let me tell you why some apps are banned in India? So let me tell you that the cyber cell team also works in India. And when they think that there are some apps that violate any kind of policies. They are banned.

Are all apps on Google Playstore legal?

So let me tell you that all the apps on Playstore are legal. And when Google thinks that there are some apps that are doing something wrong. So that app is added to the illegal list. And is removed from the Playstore.

Disclaimer – This post does not promote any type of illegal Android apps. Nor are we promoting these apps. This article is for educational purposes only.

Conclusion – How did you like this article of Top 10 Best Illegal Android Apps by Illegal android market. You must tell by commenting in the comment box below. is.

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